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Denver Area:
Find out our projects in the Denver area. Invest with Brickop today.

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Find out if you can invest today or in our future projects in new areas.

Sign up & meet us

Step 1:
Sign up & meet us

Send us some details about your investment capacity and schedule a meeting or call with us.

We will analyze your info and bring investment opportunities catered to you at our meeting.

Select & Pay

Step 2:
Select & Pay

Choose the real estate investment that suits your personal strategy.

Pay your 25% down payment in small, monthly installments over the course of 36 months.

Own your investment

Step 3:
Own your investment

After 36 months of installments, you take out a mortgage and purchase your real estate investment at the original price.

Brickop manages the property and sends you monthly payments from your tenant to cover your mortgage.

  • Opportunity

    1. Opportunity

    You select to purchase a $100,000 condo.

  • Down Payment

    2. Down Payment

    You pay $694/month for 36 months until you have paid $25,000 (25% down payment).

  • Mortgage

    3. Mortgage

    You then go take out a mortgage for the remaining $75,000 using your $25,000 as a down payment.

  • Interest rate

    4. Interest rate

    At a 5% interest rate, your monthly mortgage payment is $403.

  • Administration

    5. Administration maintains your condo, makes sure a tenant is in your unit, and sends you a monthly payment of at least $403 to cover your mortgage.

  • 6. Cash out

    You can sell your condo at any time and cash out on the appreciated value of the property.

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